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L2 Trion ® - The Best World Server Gracia Final
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Server L2 Trion Gracia Final ,for true lovers of the game is pleased to offer a new fusion of structure with PVP and PVE, running with 5000x will offer the player an incredible emotion and adrenaline and especially a great adventure bringing the character to know various places in the game.
L2 Trion ® - Details
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O L2 trion , is the rate of 5000x running with a great with dedicated data center located in the USA. Our moderate rates allows the player evolve in the game so pleasant time with the same features, making the great game, relaxed and fun both for those who like adventures and actions PVE and for those who like the rush of PVP. L2 trion, was developed with years of research and game, to maintain a balance between players regardless of class, but of strategy game, everyone here will have the opportunity to rise in rank, and show that it is the best.